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What is MoneyGramsm

MoneyGramsm is a fast, safe and convenient way to send and receive money around the world in minutes. It is primarily a cash transaction - cash is paid by the sender and cash or travellers cheques are received by the person that you are sending the money to. So if you need to send money around the world, quickly, securely and with the minimum of fuss, MoneyGramsm could be your answer.

How Does MoneyGramsm work?

If you want to send money abroad you must personally visit a MoneyGramsm agent.Many branches of Thomas Cook offer the service and all you need to do is complete an application form, show appropriate identification and pay for the transaction. The agent will enter the details into the system and provide you with a reference number. From that moment the money is available to be received anywhere in the world.

The person you want to send the money to, may go into any one of over 19,000 agents in the world and quote the payment reference number and/or show appropriate identification. They will complete a form and the agent will use the system to verify the payment and obtain authorisation to pay out. When this is complete the customer will receive their money from the agent.

The MoneyGramsm service is available through Thomas Cook at over 460 Thomas Cook locations worldwide.

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