Manderley's Gift Selection-- Non Graphic Section

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Melitta Perfect Start Non-Electric One Cup Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker with pack of number 2 filters- $9.99

Coffee Maker with filers and 2 ounces/about 75 kilograms of Gourmet Coffee- $12.95

The best thing about the Melitta One Cup coffee maker that makes it superior to standard automatic/electric coffee makers is that you can take this product anywhere: airplanes, road trips, camping and you never have to compromise having a fresh cup of coffee. All you simply need is hot water and you can make a fresh cup anywhere. Consists of: One 8 ounce white coffee mug, one white one cup coffee maker, a package of number two filters and instructions.

Manderley's Jumbo Latte Cup

Jumbo 20 ounce latte cup with saucer in Three different Colors and prices.

White Latte Cup- $10.95 contains: 2 ounces of Continental Blend (robust roast of South American beans), 2 ounce package of Carolyn's Spiced Apple Cider Mix, 50 ml of Torani Almond Roca flavoring syrup, package of La Tempestra Cinnamon Breakfast Biscotti.

Green Latte Cup- $12.00 contains: 2 ounces of Gourmet Columbian Supremo Coffee, a wrapped Sugar Crystal stick perfect for Coffee, Espresso Drinks, or Tea, Carolyn's Chocolate Cinnamon Hot Cocoa Mix, a box of 2 Italian Almond Dipping Biscotti.

Black Latte Cup - $10.95 contains: 2 ounces of Gourmet Costa Rican blend, Torani Almond Flavoring syrup 50ml, Carolyn's Spiced Apple Hot Cider, and La Tempstra Breakfast Cinnamon Biscotti with Almonds.

This is the perfect gift for latte, cappuccino, or coffee and tea drinkers. Latte cup can also be used as a soup bowl. All Torani flavoring syrups can be customized and added to Latte Cups, as well as the addition of tea. Please email for custom Latte Cups.

Manderley's Coffee Lover's Sampler

Colorful Wicker Basket containing an assortment of Gavina Gourmet Coffee's and 50ml of Torani Flavoring Syrups. $15.00

For the coffee lover who likes to experiment, we have an assortment of Four 2 ounce packages of Gavina's finest and most popular Flavored Coffee: Vanilla Nut, French Caramel, Chocolate Raspberry, and Hawaiian Hazelnut. And for those who love to enhance their coffee's taste with a little extra something, we have included 5 Torani 50 ml bottles of our most popular syrups: Almond Roca, Almond, Peach, Vanilla, and Irish Creme.

For an extra cost, we can upgrade the Torani 50ml bottles to 187 ml. Please email for details.

Manderley's Literary Times Coffee Mugs

Charles Dickens and James Joyce only available now. $6.95

With 2 ounces of Coffee or Tea added- $9.95

For the Literary Lover in your gift circle, treat them to our Literary Times Coffee/Tea mugs. Each mug contains a artist rendition of the artist, as well as fascinating information about their life and times as well. Mugs are white with black print and artwork.

Manderley's Christmas Assortment of Holiday Coffee's

A festively packaged assortment of Jingle Spice, Roasted Chestnut, and Christmas Memories. $9.95

Can be added in a wicker basket with Holiday Coffee Mug for $12.95

Decorative Thermal Hot/Cold Travel Mug with Spill Proof Lid

Assorted Coffee Designs, from Coffee Mugs to Women drinking Coffee in a Cafe $7.95

These travel mugs, which can fit into most car holders are perfect for work, trips, or outdoors. They contain a Spill Proof lid which allows you to keep your drink cool or hot without losing a drop. You control how much you want and the same spring top keeps your drink safely contained. Don't fear taking sharp corners in your car anymore. With our Thermal Insulated Mugs, you can safely take your drinks anywhere and everywhere.

Can also add choice of coffee/tea and 187 ml Torani Flavoring syrup in wicker basket for $12.00

Our Times Birthday Mugs

Assorted Years from 1940's- 1970's. Please email for specific years. $5.95

These fun mugs are great for the holiday's, birthdays, or any occasion. Our Times mugs contains the birthyear on the front, with a listing of News Headlines, Sports Events, and Popular Culture that was occuring during the year.

Can also add choices of coffee/tea and (2 ounces) for $7.95

Torani Gift Box of Four 187 ml Flavoring Syrups $13.95

All ready boxed in Torani packaging with helpfull receipes and drink information on the back, our set contains a mix of the most popular flavoring syrups: Almond Roca, Caramel, and many more. All ready boxes, so no need to box and wrap for the holidays!

Manderley's Petit Breakfast Basket $14.95 with basket. Minus basket $12.95

Contains 3 ounces of our Imported English Breakfast Silver Tips Tea, Two 1.79 ounce jars of Knotts Berry Jams, A package of Wolfermans Berry English Muffins or Crumpets, and Two 2 ounce packages of Gavina Gourmet Flavored Coffees in your choice of:Vanilla Nut, French Caramel, Chocolate Raspberry, and Hawaiian Hazelnut all contained in hansome wicker basket.

Manderley's Sewing Tin of Petit Gifts $13.95. Minus Tin: $11.95

Packed in our attractive turn of the century, Victorian reproduction of a sewing tin we have the best assortment of small gifts sure to please anyone: 50 ml of Torani Peach flavoring syrup, Two ounces of our Imported English Breakfast Silver Tips, a jar of Knott's Berry Farm Berry Jam, and a Two ounce package of our Gourmet Gavina Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee.

Manderley's Cocoa and Biscotti Basket -$9.95. Minus basket $7.95

Attractive Handwoven basket containing Eight ounces of Chocolate Dipping Cookies/Biscotti, a Two pack assortment of 1.79 ounce cocoas, and 3 ounces of Afternoon Tea and Four packages of Hot Apple Cider Mix.

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