We have all gift Giving All Wrapped Up.. For You!

Coffee Lovers Pack

Calling all Coffee Lovers! Something simple yet thoughtful-- A Taste of Chicago Coffee Blend At Night. Our 1.5 ounce Chicago Blend Coffee sits comfortably in a Ceramic Coffee Mug featuring Chicago's famous and beloved skyline at dusk. Wrapped in a protective plastic and topped with a blue ribbon.

Highly affordable at the price of $10.00

Cocoa Basket-- $19.95

Sweet Memories Country Cocoa Mix. Rich with Chocolate Falvors with ONLY 2 grams of fat

Our Medium to Large Sized Wicker Baskets are filled with our attractive 15 ounce, which is good for 12 servings. Assortment of different flavors from: Chocolate Amaretto, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Cinnamon Hazelnut, and Chocolate. You can't go wrong with Cocoa! Our celebrated Low Fat and High flavored Cocoa's are attractively assembled in a festive gift basket. Full of Flavor, we offer the aboved mentioned flavors and also included in this assortment is Hawaiian Hazelnut Coffee, 750 Ml of either Hot Butter Rum Torani flavoring syrup or Italian Holiday Eggnog/Zabagione 750 ml Flavoring Syrup.

Tea Drinker Basket-- $15.00

For the tea drinker in your family, or on your gift giving list, we have created a gift just for you! Included is a container containing 3 ounces of our Imported English Breakfast Loose Tea, Ghiradellli's assorment of Choclate Squares, and Tea Biscuits. For adventurious tea drinkers we have included a 50 ml Torani Almond Syrup. Set in an elegant wicker basket with natural color and a complimentary bow.

Variety Pack --$19.99

Want a perfect pot of coffee's every time? You can't miss with our Variety Pack featuring our popular best sellers: Chocolate Raspberry, French Caramel, Hawaiian Hazelnut, and French Hazelnut. We have also included three 50 ml of Torani Irish Creme, Vanilla, and Peach flavoring syrups. We also have included Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans and assorted Candies. No coffee gift basket would be complete without biscotti, so we included some for your gift giving. To top off this collection, a festive holiday bow and clear gift wrap on a decorative wicker basket.

Coffee Drinkers Fantasy $40.00

Complete with an easy to use Cafe Mill, this gift basket features our famous 12 ounces of Panaman La Tres Flores in it's attracive packaging, an elegantly decorated Ceramic Holiday Mug filled with Biscotti, and a 750 ml bottle of Torani Flavoring Syrup of either Hot Buttered Rum or Italian EggNog for the Holidays! Beautifully assembled in a large wicker basket decorated with clear holiday wrap for easy viewing.

Tea Brewing Systems-- $7.95

Our Tea Brewing System , made in Germany allows you to buy loose tea and enjoy superior flavour and great savings. Our system allows the tea drinker to combine the convenience of the "teabag" with the great savings and superior taste of loose teas. Easy to use, our Tea Filer Kit fits almost any teapot and may even be used directly on a cup. After seeping the filter bad with the spent tea leaves is discarded. Not a single leaf remains in the pot. No waste with this Tea Brewing System, either. The large, double-folded fileters may be used o make from 1 cup to 3/4 gallon of tea. Their great porosity and large size permits maxium water-flow and prevent under-utilization so common with other immersion and infusion methods. Compare the cost of "teabag" tea with taht of loose tea and you will quickly realizew that our Tea Brewing System easily pay for themselfs. You can also use this on black teas as well as for herbal/fruit teas. It is also ideal for making iced tea.

The Tea Brewing System consists of: Filter Holder in flexible, heat constant black plastic. Tiny spikes on the outside of the funnel keep filters securely in place. Tea Filters in ultra-thin, chlorine free paper with double fold for extra capacity. Filters are boxed in 40s and 100s.

Using the system is easier than boiling water. Simply squeeze trigger to attach filter. Seep tea 3-5 minutes, and then Squeeze trigger to disgard spent tea into trash.

Permanent Gold Tea Filter-- $9.95

Stainless Steel mesh and heat treated to present permanent "gold" appearance. Frame around filter is in cobalt-blue, or heat-safe plastic. It is also ideal for brewing coffee. Permanent Tea Filter kits includes combination Lid and Drip Tray in individual gift box. It fits all standard mug sizes, and is also ideal for small tea pots. The new Tea filter is also the ideal travel companion for the serious tea and coffee drinker.

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